Questions and Answers

We want to make sure that your questions get answered, even the ones you haven’t thought to ask yet. As a custom builder selling directly to customers, we understand that you’re unable to see the product and experience it first-hand. We invite you to inquire about whatever you need to ensure that you feel safe in knowing that you’re buying a quality Murphy bed from a dependable builder.

We welcome all questions and if you can’t find your answer below (or anywhere else on our site), please email us or use this form.

Bed-Related Questions 

Does your pricing include a mattress?

The prices of our Murphy beds DO NOT include a mattress. Our Murphy beds require a standard Twin, Full, or Queen size mattress that should not exceed 12 inches in thickness. Our beds take a standard TWIN, FULL, or QUEEN size mattress (depending on what size Murphy bed you order).

So remember when you’re mattress shopping – ONLY the mattress is needed!


What mattress specs do you recommend?

The maximum mattress thickness that our Murphy beds can accommodate is 12 inches (including pillow top).

We recommend the following weight range for our Murphy beds:
• Twin – 30 to 50lbs
• Full – 50 to 65lbs
• Queen – 65 to 80lbs


Do I need a box spring with my Murphy bed?

You do not need a box spring with our Murphy beds – the box spring is built directly into the bed system!


Can the bed be operated (opened/closed) easily?

Our Murphy bed systems utilize pistons, positioned on the bed to compensate for overall weight. These pistons look and operate like the pistons on a rear gate of an SUV or minivan (not the pistons in your engine). They have the same smooth, glide-like operation when opening and closing the bed. There is no tension-related spring forces that you find with traditional spring operated beds.


Where are your mechanisms manufactured?

We utilize Create-A-Bed hardware kits for all our Murphy beds, which are proudly sourced and assembled in the USA.


What keeps the mattress in place when the bed is closed?

The mattress ids held in place by straps at one end of the bed. When the bed is in the upright position the mattress will not move or touch the wall. This provides clearance for you to hang artwork on the wall, which will be visible when the Murphy bed is open.


Can I leave anything on the bed when storing or closing it?

Sheets, blankets, and duvets/comforters can all be left in place, so long as these items can be tucked in around the mattress before closing your Murphy bed. Pillows must be removed before closing.

Order Processing, Cancellations and Refunds

Can I place an order by phone?

You can call us directly at 1-321-890-7166 and we will be glad to help you place your order by phone. If you’re unable to connect with us right away, please allow 1-2 business days for a return call.


What is your typical order processing timeline?

You can typically plan on final delivery and installation within 8 to 10 weeks of order confirmation. Turn-around times do vary, depending on order volume so we do our best to keep you informed along the way.


Can I cancel my order anytime before delivery? Do I get a refund?

All beds are built-to-order and as such, cannot easily be resold. All cancelled orders will be charged a $50.00 processing fee. This fee will be withheld from any amounts due that result from order cancellation.

The following timeline-specific conditions apply to ALL Murphy bed orders:

→   Once you have placed your order, you may cancel your order for any reason within five (5) business days to receive a full refund, subject to a $50.00 processing fee.

→   After 5 business days, 35% of the total purchase price will be withheld from any refund request, in addition to the $50.00 processing fee.

→   After 30 calendar days, 50% of the total purchase price will be withheld from any refund request, in addition to a $50.00 processing fee.