What keeps the mattress in place when the bed is closed?

The mattress is held in place by heavy duty straps at one end of the bed. When the bed is in the upright position the mattress will not move or touch the wall. This provides clearance for you to hang artwork on the wall, which will be visible when the Murphy bed is open.

Do I need a box spring with my Murphy bed?

You do not need a box spring with our Murphy beds. The box spring is built directly into the bed system. So remember when mattress shopping – ONLY a mattress is needed.

Does your pricing include a mattress?

The prices of our Murphy beds DO NOT include a mattress. Our Murphy beds take a standard Twin, Full, or Queen-size mattress that should not exceed 12 inches in thickness.

Can the bed be opened (lowered) and closed (raised) easily?

Our Murphy bed systems utilize commercial grade pistons, which balance the entire weight of the bed each and every time it is raised or lowered. These pistons look and operate like those on the rear gate of a minivan or SUV. This translates into a very smooth transition with minimal resistance.

What mattress specifications do you recommend?

The maximum mattress thickness that our Murphy beds can accommodate is 12 inches (including any pillow top). We recommend the following weight range for our Murphy beds:

  • Twin – 30 to 50lbs

  • Full – 50 to 65lbs

  • Queen – 65 to 80lbs